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You’re always in here.

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UStream for The Good Wife



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my baby and he’s brother <3

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I was looking through a few NYLON issues and found this. I hadn’t seen it posted so…

NYLON Magazine May 2012

laguna beach, california

When The Good Wife’s Graham Phillips was applying to Princeton—which he’ll attend in the fall—he needed a letter of recommendation. So who did he ask? His co-star from indie film Goats, David Duchovny, who happens to be a Princeton alum. “I was kind of awkwardly alluding to it,” admits Phillips. “Before I even asked him, he was like, ‘Of course I will.’” In Goats, which premiered at Sundance in January, Phillips and Duchovny have a different sort of relationship. Phillips stars as Ellis, a 15-year-old preparing to leave his New Age mother (played by Vera Farmiga) and his stoner friend Goat Man, the town eccentric (Duchovny), to live with his father(Ty Burrell, in a role very unlike his beloved Pil Dunphy on Modern Family) and attend prepschool.

I love New York because it’s so photogenic. There’s just something different about the light here. And this city has so much history. I’ve taken so many cool photos of the old clashing with the new.

My family and I have gone to Africa every summer for the last 13 years. My sister just had a kid, so we’re going to do something touristy, cheesy, and normal and go to Hawaii.

As far as the state is concerned, I went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, I was home schooled through a company that allows you to name your school, and I named mine Hogwards.

Ty Burrell plays a total goofball in Modern Family, So seeing him play this serious role [in Goats] was odd for me. But he nailed it!

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“She’s right behind me isn’t she….” (x)

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Just watched GOATS, it was good…and a little odd but I liked it.

Also, Graham Phillips is really cute…his eyes ;)

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